Accelerated Remote Visualisation using RVEC technology

Virtual desktop services

Improve data security and reduce the operational and management costs associated with hosting resource-intensive graphical applications on every client PC or workstation.

Adaptable and flexible

Managed remote visualisation for virtual desktop infrastructures 

Precise image rendering

Hybrid data exchange protocol for precise transmission of 3D graphically-intensive applications

Software only solution

Adaptable software-only system

Why use RVEC?

Fujitsu’s Gateway Remote Visualisation is a system to manage sessions on remote graphical servers and establish direct client connection from within the HPC Gateway web desktop. Image transmission between the server and client device is done with Fujitsu’s own Remote Virtual Environment Computing (RVEC) technology for intelligent and lossless data compression. RVEC is particular adapted for applications that demand the most precise replication such as 3D graphically-intensive CAD and CAE pre/post-processing tools.

RVEC Architecture

RVEC comprises Client and Server software-only components that communicate to transmit a compressed display from a remote system to a user device. The Server intercepts graphical frames and compresses the information for transmission to the Client for decompression and display.

RVEC uses a differential process that converts a region within the screen having many updates to video while sending all other differences in screen updates as still images. Transfer of these two types of regions to the client terminal is done using the system appropriate for each (RVEC original protocol). It measures the number of screen updates for each fixed time period corresponding to the drawing frame rate and is constantly adjusting the video and still-image regions to optimally control the amount of transferred data to match the relative activity on the screen. Dedicated hardware is avoided by concentrating the video region in one portion of the desktop screen to improve processing efficiency.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

RVEC connection brokering

Activation and use of a RVEC Server is managed within Fujitsu’s HPC Gateway. Its Remote Visualisation Manager dynamically shows all available RVEC servers and their status. Gateway’s internal access control security restricts usage only to RVEC servers permitted for the connected identity.

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Application and system consolidation

Through its advanced data compression capability and lossless precision, RVEC enables users of even the most sophisticated and fine-detailed 3D applications to work remotely.  CAD1 and CAE1 applications can be extremely demanding to use in this way since the models contain a very large amount of information, and where specific placement of features within the model is critical. 






Authentication Single sign-on; support of external user directories (LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory)
Application Management Organization and security of application methods; access control by projects; create, save and submit individual job parameter profiles; store multiple job execution profiles; launch and control; edit & run scripts directly.
Task Monitor Direct access to the job status from the job manager, ability to read stdout and stderr while the job is running, easy creation of 2D simulation data plots, job history.
Notepad Edit text files on server
File Explorer Web browser access to cluster file system/s through mount points; multiple file upload/download.
Application Editor Integrate application methods and user variable interface; define prolog/execute/epilog phases; define dynamic data monitor.
Addon Management Develop tools for extended capabilities. Current product add-ons: Cluster Watch, Remote Visualisation.
User Management Resource access based on roles, groups and projects membership rules
RVEC Management  A connection broker to manage access to systems hosting RVEC servers.



Operating system Linux RHEL 6.x; CentOS 6.x; Other compatible distributions Operating system Windows; Linux; Apple
Java libraries JAVA 8 Web browser Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome; Internet Explorer; Apple Safari
Fujitsu PRIMERGY extension Bundled within Fujitsu HPC Cluster Suite (HCS) provides administration GUI for managing and operating Fujitsu PRIMERGY clusters. Handheld device Android, iOS


RVEC is a software-only system formed from two components: RVEC Server runs on the designated graphical node; RVEC Client runs on the user display device. No specialised hardware is required.




Processor Intel Core processor, Xeon processor familyCompatible processor that supports SSE2 instruction set (for RVEC codec) Intel Core processor, Xeon processor familyCompatible processor that supports SSE2 instruction set (for RVEC codec)
Memory 1GB 1GB
Disk capacity Windows: min 600 MB; Linux Edition: min 650MB Min 350 MB
Network protocol TPC/IP version 4/6 TPC/IP version 4/6
Communication port 21752/TCP (required), 21762/TCP (Managed type only)On linux a TCP port designated by the administrator is used for each desktop.
OS Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise 32/64 bitEdition SP1 or laterWindows 8.1 32/64 bit EditionWindows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise 32/64 bit EditionWindows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later *1Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 64 bit *2 Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise 32/64 bitEdition SP1 or laterWindows Embedded Standard 7Windows 8.1 32/64 bit EditionWindows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise 32/64 bit Edition
Virtualisation VMware 5 and 6