Designed for Hybrid IT

An application model is the template for the way end-users run their simulation and analytics tasks. They are constructed from proven scripts and select variables into a robust and portable method. Users can simply edit their own methods, or work with others from a shared catalogue.


How do they work?

Localisation of the method for a given server or cluster is separated into a system environment section of the model. In this way the same method can be executed on various systems without ever changing the core logic – preserving the consistency and integrity of the model.  
In other words :   A user sees a single interface to the application, wherever it may run in the hybrid IT space.

The Gateway platform assigns  the task to a server or cluster, and moves data in and out of the task.

Gateway Application Management organizes and authorizes end-user access to global application methods.

Dedicated editor for self-service method creation, with version control support. Import and abstract your custom scripts.

Model defines input and output variables, method action or logic, hybrid IT server environment, and application result monitors.

What do they do ?

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Sample of applications available on Gateway :

  • ANSYS CFX/Fluent standard

  • Siemens STAR-CCM+ standard

  • DL_POLY Classic

  • LS-DYNA Main

  • MeStudio-M starter

  • OpenFOAM Decomposition/Main/Mesh/Solver

  • ParaFOAM

  • ParaView

  • ...

Your benefits

With Gateway's Appications


Enable applications to be used on any hybrid IT resource, independent of IT infrastructure. 


Simple facility for authorized end-users to define and publish proven application methods.


More robust and traceable application usage.  Store and retrieve your collection of job parameter