Gateway Process Mapper allows users to easily define an automated sequence of tasks with drag-and-drop from the application catalogue. As the application model already separates the method from system such a process represents and full SaaS workflow. It also allows end-users to define, control and manage data flow graphs to automate a series of tasks in a sequence.

Advanced & Adapted

An advanced workflow editing and orchestration system designed for today’s hybrid IT environment.


Adaptable to changes during the process execution, replay part or full processes for validation

    Workflow can be saved as templates, shared and reused. But a workflow graph does not have to remain fixed. It can be extended by adding further application nodes into the sequence. This allows the user to steer a process or to build upon an initial series according to emerging results


Encode and automate key business processes to embed competitive and innovative knowledge of the organization


Secure upload/download through browser web desktop app.
Automate retrieval of data from off-premise after task completion.



No need to explicitly move data in advance of each workflow task.

Same application method can seamlessly switch between on- and off-premise as needed.



Placement of application tasks can be defined on- or off-premise. Data movement within a workflow can be managed implicitly, with automatic run directory creation. Gateway stores all run-time data to for analytics and future learned scheduling.


Gateway is also composed of :

  • Comprehensive tracking of all jobs across global estate.

  • Live tailing and intermediate file access.

  • Tabulate and plot application result data. 

  • Cumulative record of system and application data for every job and file movement.

  • Remote visualization of image files and graphical applications.



Instantly view, download, and track any output file in real time.

Dynamically track result data to assess computation progress.



Inspect and interact with 2D/3D image files, even during the application workflow

Collate and audit combined hybrid IT consumption data.



Controlled sharing of application models, workflows and data between team and/or project members.




Augment security-in-depth with access mapped to business entity and secure collaboration with partner organisations. 


Gateway imports user accounts from external systems, such as LDAP and Active Directory. Inside the platform these  identities can be structured into teams and projects, with defined roles in each.

Security applies to most Gateway customer objects, including data mount points, application methods and workflows, remote visualization servers, compute clusters and sites.