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FUJITSU Software Gateway is an Intelligent Application Platform that provides a base for transitioning simulation, analytics and learning applications onto flexible, dynamic or collaborative IT frameworks. Gateway enables organizations to scale out their activity, federate dispersed operations, and integrate business processes.



Why did we create Gateway ?

By professionals, for professionals

Sometimes complex problems require more than a single application run. Solving these problems need time, money, and sometimes high skills when it could be much more simple.

Gateway-Intelligent Application Platform is built with an intuitive web desktop that exploits defacto and standards methods of desktop usage to enable a familiar working environment for users.

The situation

Technological innovation and technical problems

The need

Simplicity and Efficiency

The solution

Gateway Intelligent Application Platform


What Gateway  will provide you ?

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  Gateway features a familiar and intuitive environment through its desktop. Users can easily organize it as they want, create files and shortcuts for faster access to applications. It also includes a Process Mapper than enables complex execution environments to be built, run and monitored.

 A model of end-user applications separated from infrastructure, self-service tools to create global dynamic workflows, and intelligent orchestration of these processes across the hybrid IT environment.

    It is a platform for both batch and interactive applications, and embraces domains including simulation, machine learning and big data analytics.

An Intuitive and Efficient environment


The platform of any possibilities

   The Gateway Intelligent Application Platform is built around a no-SQL database that stores methods, workflows, identities, roles, mount points, etc.  For user and administrator, access Gateway includes a versatile web desktop. Alternative interfaces can be connected through its open REST API. Gateway can be deployed incrementally, starting from a few applications and resources, users and teams.

     This scalable approach is matched by a token-based pricing model, allowing the business to integrate the platform across its application portfolio as a controlled self-service process.