Hybrid IT

Gateway's hybrid IT approach 

Gateway's Hybrid IT appoach is built around a model of such methods that enables organization to decouple application usage from IT infrastructure.

In this way IT can continue to be adjusted to load and cost, while the simulation and analysis teams remain focused on delivering the insight and decisions that are the essence of competitive advantage.

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At the core of Fujitsu Software 


At the core of Fujitsu Intelligent Application Platform is a scalable and flexible no-SQL database that stores all business objects and run-time data accumulated through production operations.

Over time this data enables more intelligence and oversight for continued improvement and tuning of business processes. 

Gateway core database deployable singly or distributed across multiple machines. Separate database instances can be linked.


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What Gateway provides

What Gateway provides is a model of end-user applications separated from infrastructure, self-service tools to create global dynamic workflows, and intelligent orchestration of these processes across the hybrid IT environment.
It is 
a platform for both batch and interactive applications, and embraces domains including simulation, machine learning (also deep learning) and big data analytics  . 

As hybrid IT systems diversify there is now an interest to use applications within their own environment container. Gateway can work with both native applications and container frameworks such as Docker or Singularity (an HPC-specific container system).

Your Benefits

with this Hybrid IT application

High level

Application-level abstraction of a hybrid IT infrastructure. 


Accelerate workflows while optimizing costs.


Stabilise and preserve business processes even if underlying infrastructure changes.